Dolphin & Whale watching in Gran Canaria

About Cetaceans

Cetacea is the order of marine mammals that include whales and dolphins and porpoises.

Cetaceans come in a great many different sizes and shapes. From small dolphins at one meter up to the biggest whale which comes in at over thirty meters and is the biggest animal on earth.

Many people still believe just because they live in water dolphins and whales are fish!! But if we take a good look we can see many differences, heres a couple of examples:

-They move their tails up and down unlike all fish which move their tails from side to side -Their babies when born drink milk from their mothers, which is very important it makes them mammals, just like us. - Its certain they eat, play, "talk", live and give birth under water, but like us, they have lungs and breath.

Dolphins live in very defined and structured social groups (pods). They are very solidary creatures within their groups, they help the sick or young to the surface to breath and defend each other from possible danger.

Some of the cetacean species frequently seen in Gran Canaria:

Whale watching tours

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